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Altra Pay – Send Money

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Altra Pay is available through our Mobile App.

Click SEND MONEY to get started!

  • You debit card information will be automatically available for you to begin sending money!
  • You can add contacts from your phone to Altra Pay.
  • You can add memos to the transaction to share a message with your recipient.
  • Within the contacts section, you can edit existing contacts to change their receiving method from phone to email or vice versa.
  • Scroll down to Payments to view your transaction history or cancel a transaction.
  • Automatic deposit will happen when Altra Pay recipients save their information for future payments sent to them!
  • It is quick and easy to cancel a transaction from your payments history in the app.

Send money to friends or family with your smart phone!

Use Altra Pay to send money to anyone who has an account at a U.S. financial institution, all you need is their email or mobile number. A notification will be sent to your recipient immediately and they may receive the funds using an eligible debit card or with their bank account and routing number.

The Altra Pay transfer you initiate with your Altra Visa debit card may be rejected depending on where your recipient banks. If this occurs, please initiate a transfer using your Altra Checking account number instead.

The best way to fight fraud is to prevent it

Account numbers are kept confidential because you are sending and receiving money using an email address or mobile number. Account numbers are not shared, only your name and transfer amount will be shared with the recipient. View the Altra Pay FAQ to learn more. Altra staff will NEVER ask you to send funds via this form. Person to person payments is intended ONLY to send funds to trusted friends and family. DO NOT provide a one-time passcode to ANYONE!

Get Started

It’s easy! Log in to the Altra mobile app on your smart phone and click the “Send Money” button to get started!