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Altra is a federally insured financial institution providing a full range of financial services, from personal and business to lending and investments. Chartered in 1931, Altra is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative serving members in all 50 states and around the globe. We are also deeply committed to giving back to the communities we serve.

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It’s easier than ever to join Altra Federal Credit Union
We offer several eligibility options that qualify you and your immediate family/household members for membership based on where you live, work, worship, or attend school. (An immediate family member is considered a parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, step-parent, step-child, step-sibling, or adopted child. A household member is considered a roommate, spouse/domestic partner, or foster child). Once you become a member, you’re always a member, no matter where you live or work!

• Residence Eligibility
You and/or your immediate family/household members live, work, worship, or attend school in a select eligibility area. Click to find your Census Tract Number and verify eligibility.

• Qualified Schools / School District Eligibility
You and/or your immediate family/household members attend school or work for a qualifying school or school district. View Qualifying School/School Districts.

• Relationship Eligibility
You are an immediate family member/household member of a current Altra member.

• Employment Eligibility

      • You are an employee of Trane or a Trane Authorized Dealer.

• $10.00 cash, check, or money order made payable to Altra Federal Credit Union is included with this application. ($5 minimum savings balance and $5 membership entrance fee.)

It’s Easy to Apply

Apply for Altra membership or open additional services  like Savings, Checking, Certificate and Money Market accounts securely online.

Or,download a PDF membership application and mail your completed form along with copies of your valid ID to:

Altra Federal Credit Union
1700 Oak Forest Drive
Onalaska, WI 54650

If you are eligible for membership but not yet an Altra member, you can still apply for a loan!

On your loan application, please leave the member number blank. An Altra membership application will be included with your loan paperwork so you can apply for membership. (You must be an Altra member to receive a Loan, Credit Card, or Line of Credit through Altra).

Need to Verify an Account?

Click the link on how to submit your Verification of Account. Before proceeding with your Verification of Account (VOA) request, please review the following information to ensure your request is processed correctly in a timely manner.

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