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Altra Financial Wellness

Altra Financial Wellness

Ramp up your financial wellness by joining Altra Federal Credit Union!
We can help, and we have the proof!

We’re glad you’re here and are interested in learning more about your financial wellness!

The focus of financial wellness is examining overall financial health while reducing money-related stress. Financial wellness is an important part of overall well-being which consists of physical, mental, and financial wellness.


of Credit Union Member Respondents

said their credit union cares about their financial well-being


of Credit Union Member Respondents

said their non-credit union primary financial institution cares


of Credit Union Member Respondents

said their credit union has positively impacted their financial well-being


of Credit Union Member Respondents

said their non-credit union primary financial institution has positively impacted their financial well-being

2022 National Study from the Credit Union National Association1

The study found credit union members are:

  • More financially resilient than consumers who do not use credit unions.
  • Significantly more likely to use financial education and counseling services.
  • More likely to engage in behaviors that improve financial well-being and say their financial institution has improved their financial well-being.

Altra Members’ Financial Well-being!

In 2023, thousands of members participated in our online Financial Health Quiz*, sharing with us how financially well they are. Here’s what we discovered:

Altra members are more financially well than the national average1

45 %

of Altra Member Participants

nearly half of our members who participated in the Quiz scored as being financially healthy.

31 %

National Average

of being Financially Healthy

Altra members are really good at:


Paying Bills

83 %




AFW Debtmanagment

82 %




AFW Creditscore2

67 %



Financial Wellness Resources

How does Altra help members ramp up their financial wellness? Maybe you’re stressed about money, trying to get out of debt, have saving goals to achieve, or thinking about retirement…Let us help you stress less and achieve your financial goals to live your BEST life.

Financial Education

We have tools and resources for you to continue building your financial health muscles.

Financial Education Apps

Altra Offers many financial education apps that make learning fun for kids such as Altra Jr and you can also earn rewards while learning while using our Zogo app.

Financial Wellness Assessment

Take the Best Life Financial Health Assessment* to gain a better understanding of your financial health and areas of opportunity.
*This quiz leverages the Financial Health Network’s FinHealth Score® Toolkit.

Educational Podcasts

Altra’s podcast helps simplify financial topics no matter what stage of life.

Adult & Youth Classes

Being Financially Fit means a lifetime of making sound financial decisions. Altra offers a number of different programs to help our youngest members and the young at heart.

Helping you live your BEST life!

  • Altra is a not-for-profit financial cooperative and we exist to serve you. Our management makes decisions based on what is best for our members – not what will generate the most profit.
  • Our primary concern is always for our members’ financial success. We offer products, services, financial education, and guidance that enable our members and the communities we serve to prosper.
  • Altra is committed to ‘Helping You Live Your Best Life’ and that includes enhancing our members’ financial well-being. We equip our members with the tools they need to manage their finances and help make their financial goals happen. And when life throws a curveball, we work with members to help address financial concerns and keep them financially well.
Investing 14

1. Financial Health Network. 2022. [Online] Available from: [Accessed September 2022]

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