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Your Financial Wellness


The spend concept of financial wellness is making smart decisions with your money and also taking into account your money choices.

To make sure your current spending is aligned with your spending plan; it is important to track your spending plan over the course of the specified time frame. The fundamental concept of spending to increase financial wellness is to make a plan for using your money wisely. It’s helpful to set short and long-term financial goals and manage your money to meet them. 

Your Spending Plan

A good way to make sure you are meeting the requirements of your spending plan is by reducing your spending wherever possible. Certain categories, such as clothes, transportation, and food are relatively flexible expenses that can be modified to lower your spending. By actively seeking more affordable substitutes, you can ensure that you will meet the financial goals you have set for yourself.

More Helpful Spending Tips:

  • Be a savvy shopper and compare prices and quality
  • A good way to take control of your spending is to set the maximum amounts you plan to spend each week or each month. Once you’ve set the maximum, stick with your plan
  • Be careful not to let a sale or discount coupon persuade you to purchase something you don’t really need and that isn’t in your spending plan
  • When planning a big purchase, take time to comparison shop and check prices at a few different stores, by phone or online

Budgeting Resources

Earning Extra Income

After looking at our paycheck, you may be interested in ways to increase our income and earn extra money. Banzai has a great Coach Session which only takes five minutes to explore possible options to add to your income.