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Member Experience

Yes, we really do read every survey!

Altra Federal Credit Union strives to assist our members with their financial needs in the communities we serve.  Our goal is to create financial wellness for all of our members to help you live your best life.  As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we are owned and operated by our members. That means what you say is important to us and we use those comments and suggestions to improve how we serve you.

Hearing from our members allows Altra to improve and offer the products and services that our members need and will benefit from. We also want to be able to recognize and celebrate the amazing team members we have that provide top-notch service to our membership. We all want our members to have an exceptional experience every time with Altra.

Since 2017, we have received over 50,000 surveys! We love that those members took the time to let us know how we are doing. Decisions about changes are influenced, and often led by member feedback. Our leadership often follows up with members to gain more clarity on what we can do better and to say thank you for taking the time to provide their feedback. We also use the feedback to evaluate our policies and procedures, products and services.

Surveys aren’t the only way to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a few other ways we would love to hear from you:

Altra values our members’ experience at every interaction point, whether face to face or digitally—We created two positions that focus on just that!  Lori Horstman, Vice President, Member Experience & Advocacy and Kelly Kruchten, Member Experience Program Coordinator, are focused on listening to member feedback and helping make sure that the decisions we make always have the members first. You can reach them by calling our Member Contact Center at (800) 755-0055.
Stop in to any branch or call our Member Contact Center!  All of our employees are here to help! They all go through multiple trainings and strive to exceed your expectations. If we are unable to assist you to your satisfaction, they will share your suggestions and thoughts with the appropriate management.
Social Media—Altra Federal Credit Union is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media specialist will respond quickly to any questions or concerns you have. All suggestions will be shared with the appropriate teams!

Your suggestions and insights have helped shape the following items:

Raising Mobile Deposit Limits to $5,000
Switching from Captcha to reCaptcha to ease online log-in
Updated Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) proof of insurance process for employees and members
Bilingual Member Contact Center line added
Added third-party review capabilities
Biometrics available on Mobile App including Face ID and Fingerprint Unlock called “Altra Quick Access
Tutorials available on for Online Banking, Mobile App features and our SAM-e machines
Members are able to send payments to other individuals using “Altra Pay – Send Money” through our Mobile App
Make a Payment” option available on homepage to pay Altra loans from another financials’ account and more
Enhanced Online Account Opening to be able to open an account with us in 5-10 minutes