Altra’s Routing #: 291881216
Credit Cards

Important Credit & Debit Card Contact Information

Activate or Report Lost/Stolen Cards

Card Fraud Monitoring (PSCU): 888-918-7313

Altra Visa Credit Card Lost/Stolen and Contact Center: 866-820-5796

Altra Visa Signature Card Lost/Stolen and Contact Center: 866-820-3926

Altra Debit Cards Lost/Stolen: 888-918-7742

Activate your Visa® Credit Card: 800-631-3197

Activate your Visa® Debit Card: 866-985-2273


CU Rewards Program

Redeem CU Rewards Points (Merchandise): 844-634-6318

Redeem CU Rewards Points (Travel): 844-910-1081

CU Rewards Merchandise Product Returns: 888-634-6318

Card Issues While Traveling

Don’t be stranded! Before you leave home, click on “Travel Notification” on the Online Services menu in Online Banking to submit travel plans to be added to your Altra Credit and/or Debit Cards. Doing this helps us protect you from fraud and minimizes the chance of your cards being declined.

You’ll be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your cards, your travel dates and destinations, and the best way to contact you on a secure form. Please allow one business day to have your cards updated with your plans.

Visa® within the USA: 800-VISA-911

Visa® International (collect): 410-581-9994

Visa® International (Signature Card): 410-902-8012

Visa® Travel Assistance/Customer Service (24/7): 800-992-6029

Claims & Insurance

Visa® Auto Rental Claims (Signature Card ONLY): 800-VISA-911

Credit Card Insurance: 800-621-6323

Travel & Accident Customer Service: 800-337-2632