Set Up Direct Deposit 



Altra’s routing number: 291881216


Set up free Direct Deposit or Automatic Loan Payments

Using direct deposit or automatic payments is easy, convenient, and safe. You will need Altra's Routing number to set up Direct Deposit into an Altra Checking or Savings account and/or automatic loan payments.


Set up Direct Deposit for your Tax Refund

Tax forms


To receive a Federal Tax refund by direct deposit, include Altra's Routing number on your IRS 1040 form in the section labeled “Refund." The IRS will transmit your tax refund directly to your Altra account, and your refund will arrive up to three weeks earlier than if received by mail. There is no check to get lost or stolen, and your refund is instantly deposited.


Deposit into Savings

Use your 10-digit Altra savings account number (do not use dashes or spaces). You can locate this number within Online Banking or contact Altra at 800-755-0055.

Deposit into Checking

Use your 10-digit Altra Checking account number shown on the bottom of your checks (see example). Do not use dashes or spaces. You can also locate this number within Online Banking or contact Altra at 800-755-0055.


Example Check


Track your Federal Tax Refund

Track your Federal Tax Refund through the official IRS.gov website at https://sa.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

EFTPS is a service offered free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for people to pay federal taxes electronically.


Same-Day ACH Payments Starting September 15

As part of an effort to improve and modernize the U.S. payments system, you may have noticed a change in the times during the day that we apply electronic Direct Deposits to your account. This change was made to provide you with faster access to funds for same-day Direct Deposits to your account.

Beginning on Friday, September 15, 2017, you may see a change in the times that some electronic debits are taken from your account. These types of payments may be called direct payment, direct debit, ACH debit, electronic check, or similar terms.

When you authorize a merchant to debit your account, the merchant should include information or a statement about the timing of the payment. If the merchant offers you the option to make a same-day payment, it might be referred to as a same-day payment, or they may say they intend to collect the funds as quickly as possible.

The timing of pre-authorized electronic payments, such as a recurring mortgage or insurance payment, will not change.