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Backpack A Day Giveaway


August 23- September 19

Open a new Youth Account with a $10 deposit and we'll match your $10! Plus each day, a backpack will be given away to a random winner. Every backpack will have a prize inside! Learn more.


Lily, Clarksville, TN
Tyler, Holmen, WI
Ya, Holmen, WI
Ashtyn, Onalaska, WI
Lily, Rochester, MN
Adhyn, Lewiston, MN
Brayden, Sterling, KS
Julia, Holmen, WI
Maranda, Bangor, WI
Adele, Winona, MN
Connor, Houston, MN
Mikaela, La Crosse, WI
Rylee, Hokah, MN
Steven, Holmen, WI

Dominick, Bangor, WI
Ryan, Onalaska, WI
Ryan, Onalaska, WI
Kinsley, Tyler, TX
Grant, Onalaska, WI
Alexander, Colorado Springs, CO
Tony, West Salem, WI
Runa, Onalaska, WI
Isaiah, Trempealeau, WI
Cody, Onalaska, WI
Anna, Onalaska, WI
Benjamin, Winona, MN
Haley, Bangor, WI


Check back to see if you're a winner!


Credit Union Magic Minute


August 3-Oct. 25, 2015

Register at then use your Altra credit card at least three times per week for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Chicago and a 60-second shopping spree in a CURewards® warehouse filled with merchandise. Learn more at


M3 Money Club Punch Card Program

M3 Membership

Monthly Winner

Join the M3 Money Club and have your M3 Punch Card punched each time you make a $5.00 deposit into your Youth Savings account. After five punches, you’ll receive a prize and be entered to win a monthly Grand Prize!*

January 2015 - Lorraine, Clarksville, TN office
February 2015 - Jayden, Pueblo, CO office
March 2015 - Jacob, Onalaska, WI office
April 2015 - Sasha , Losey La Crosse, WI office
May 2015 - Lorraine , Clarksville, TN office
June 2015 - Ryan, Winona, MN office
July 2015 - Samuel, La Crosse, WI (Losey) office
August 2015 - Brayden, Onalaska, WI office
September 2015 - Trent, Onalaska, WI office
October 2015 - check back to see if you are a winner!