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Altra Bracket Madness – Win up to $10,000!


Enter March 17-March 21, 2019

Altra is sponsoring a FREE Classic Style NCAA Men’s Basketball Division 1 Brackets game for anyone age 13 or older. Altra membership is not required, so invite your friends and family to join in! Altra will donate $1 for each bracket submitted (up to a total of $3,000) to be donated to charity.

Grand Prize for a perfect bracket = $10,000
1st place = $1,000
2nd place = $500
3rd place = $250

*Grand Prize: Any Participant(s) who select(s) a valid perfect bracket (the correct selection of all 63 matchups) prior to the start of tournament will be eligible for the $10,000 Grand Prize. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners will be contacted by Altra Federal Credit Union by phone and prizes will be awarded by Altra. Altra Federal Credit Union employees are not eligible for prizes listed; direct family members/spouses are eligible to win all prizes listed.











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