Promoting Financial Literacy


Mission Statement

The Altra Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing financial literacy education for youth and adults in the communities we serve. The Altra Foundation's definition of financial literacy is having the knowledge and skills to develop financial goals, budget, manage debt, save, invest, and maintain good credit.


Responding to a Growing Need

Today, children are exposed to countless hours of unrealistic lifestyle expectations and sophisticated marketing messages. Students are inundated with credit card offers – many while still in high school. University administrators say they lose more students to credit card debt than they do to academic failure.

Yet most states do not require personal finance education, and most parents are not equipped to provide financial education; 40% of adults live beyond their means. The average credit card debt per household has risen to $8,562. Over half of American workers between age 45 and 54 do not have any retirement savings.

It’s important to remember that it's never too late to learn how to handle your finances. That's why the Altra Foundation supports financial literacy classes in schools and in the communities that Altra serves.


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Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement offers students the opportunity to take a core financial education curriculum and have volunteers from the business world come in and share their real world examples. This program helps establish not only good financial habits, but also allows Altra Federal Credit Union and the Altra Foundation to to get out in the community and actively support financial literacy. Learn more about Junior Achievement.


Altra Financial Cent$

Altra Federal Credit Union partners with area schools and educators to provide financial education that is both fun and informative. We understand that it can be difficult for schools to find money in their budgets for experienced speakers. That's why we provide great, engaging presentations free of charge! Learn more about Altra Financial C.E.N.T.$


Sound financial habits don't begin on their own. The first day a student uses Banzai they have to begin thinking critically, decisively and analytically. They will get to work though, and act out, real-world spending decisions. Banzai includes interactive, online tools, as well as printed materials in order to keep students of all levels interested. Learn more about Banzai!