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Mortgage Messaging

Loan Updates by Text

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Altra is proud to introduce the implementation of ‘Mortgage Messaging’. 

This service will allow borrowers, realtors, and loan originators alike to be updated automatically at critical moments in the loan process.  Imagine receiving a text at critical junctures of the home purchase/loan process to let you know where things are at.  Currently, we have ‘Appraisal Ordered’ and ‘Appraisal Received’ programmed to automatically update the Realtor.  We are able to add additional milestones based on your feedback.  In addition, our Processors or Loan Originators are able to send you a free form text requesting information.   You can respond back easily, plus the ability to send us an image back using your phone’s camera is built in!  We would love for you to be part of this new technology we are offering. Click the button to ‘opt in’ now.