Quicken & QuickBook User Integration


Special instructions for Quicken and QuickBooks users after April 8, 2016.

Altra's account number format changed on April 8, 2016. To continue using Quicken or QuickBooks, you will need to deactivate your Altra accounts and then reactivate them with your new account number format. You'll find your new account numbers in Altra’s Online Banking or you can call Altra’s Member Contact Center at 800-755-0055.

Detailed instructions on how to reactivate your Altra accounts can be found in our Quicken and QuickBooks Guide below.

Direct Connect Issues?

If you experience issues with Direct Connect, you will need to use Web Connect to download Altra transactions. See our Quicken and QuickBooks User Guide for instructions below.   

Duplicate Transactions

There is a chance your transactions may be duplicated when you reactivate your Altra accounts and do your first download.  Our Quicken and QuickBooks User Guide has instructions on how to correct duplicate data and troubleshoot other common issues.