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Youth Savings Rewards

We’ll Reward you for Saving!

After 15 deposits of $5 to your savings, we will deposit $5 into your regular savings account!*


Program Details

  • Age 0-12, auto enrolled program
  • After 15 deposits, we will put $5 into your regular savings account (counter will restart each quarter)
    • Quarter 1: Jan 1 – Mar 31
    • Quarter 2: April 1 – Jun 30
    • Quarter 3: July 1 – Sept 30
    • Quarter 4: Oct 1 – Dec 31
  • Deposit must be made to a savings accounts
  • All deposit types will count (except dividends and refunds)
  • Maximum of 1 deposit per day will count towards the 15 deposits
  • Deposit cannot be split between accounts and must be full $5 to qualify

Program is subject to change or terminate at any time.

Membership eligibility required, available for ages 0-12.  Each time 15 (fifteen) deposits of $5 (five) minimum is made to an Altra savings account per quarter, Altra will deposit $5 into your regular savings.  Minimum deposit cannot be split between accounts; deposit must be at least the full $5 minimum to qualify.  Maximum of 1 (one) deposit per day may count towards the 15 deposits.  Dividends and refunds excluded.  $5 deposit made by Altra will be deposited within 7 (seven) business days.  Contact Altra or visit for complete details.  For tax purposes, cash bonus may be reported as dividends.  Annual Percentage Yield .05%; current as of 10/10/21, subject to change. Quarterly timeframes include Jan 1-Mar 31, Apr 1-Jun 30, Jul 1 – Sept 30, Oct 1 – Dec 31.  Program subject to change or terminate at any time.
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