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Visa® Prepaid Cards

Visa® Reloadable Student Prepaid Card

Great for Student Travel

A reloadable prepaid debit card that parents can add to and monitor easily.

Parents can load the card with a set amount, and students can make purchases and ATM withdrawals anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Student must be age 13 or over to receive a Student Prepaid Card.

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Keep track of Balances

Since a merchant may not be able to tell how much money is on the card, keeping track of your balance is a sure way to know how much you have to spend. And if funds are getting low, the card can be reloaded.

Text Message Alert
Receive text notifications when your balance reaches a specific amount. Messages are sent to either the student or the parent; they cannot be sent to both phones. To activate Text Message Alerts, text ACTIVATE with the last four digits of the card number to 91315.

Both parents and students can check the card balance:

  • Online (select the access account button on this page)
  • Contact any Altra branch
  • Call customer support at (866) 901-8090

How do I order a Card?

Order your Personalized Card online or place an order through your local Altra Branch by Altra members age 18 or older that have a valid debit or credit card registered in their name. This card is not available for same-day pick up in branches.

What is Multifactor Authentification?

During the card purchase enrollment process, cardholders will be prompted to select and answer four out of ten authentication questions to complete the registration. Subsequent logins for registered cards may be required as an added security protection.

Are there transaction or reload limits? 

There is a maximum of five reloads within a seven day period.  There is a maximum reload amount of $20,000 within seven days.

Purchase transactions are unlimited, up to the balance remaining on your card. However, for the protection of our cardholders, there may be limits to the number and dollar amount of reloads, ATM withdrawals and cash advances performed within a certain time period. To learn more about the current limits, please reference your terms and conditions.

Who can order/use these cards?

Our Student Prepaid Card can be purchased by anyone that has a valid debit or credit card registered in his or her name. The individual purchasing the card is defined as the primary account holder. The address listed for the primary account holder must match the billing address for the debit/credit card used to purchase the Student Prepaid Card. Primary account holders can order online multiple Student Prepaid cards for different children. When purchasing for a young person with no card experience, be sure to go over all of the materials that accompany the card.

Can I purchase a Student Prepaid Card as a Gift?

No, Student Prepaid Cards cannot be given as a gift. You purchase the Student Prepaid Card for your child’s general purpose use.

Does the cardholder need to sign an agreement?

Each card is distributed with Terms & Conditions. This document explains the terms and conditions regarding the use of the card. The full terms and conditions can also be viewed online. The cardholder accepts the terms and conditions by signing the back of the card, using the card, or receiving the card by request.

How do I activate my Student Prepaid Card and obtain my PIN?

Your Prepaid card can be activated by clicking on the Activate Card button in the right side navigation bar. An assigned PIN will be displayed.  You can change the PIN if you desire using the Change PIN option when logged into the website.  You may also call the customer support number listed on the back of your card to activate your Prepaid Card, an assigned PIN will be spoken and you’ll be given the opportunity to select a new PIN if you choose.

What happens if I need to return an item?

Each merchant location has its own return policies and will handle the returns in the same manner as any other Visa transaction and may take up to 7 business days to be credited to your Prepaid Card. They may credit your Prepaid Card; provide a cash refund, or a store credit.

What if the purchase is denied?

If a decline occurs, the card’s available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. You may inform the merchant of the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant. Also, please be aware that some merchants – for example, restaurants, car rental agencies, salons, mail-order companies, and cruise lines – preauthorize for an amount slightly higher than your actual transaction to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses. This amount is “held” until the transaction settles to your Prepaid Card. Only the amount you sign for will ultimately be deducted from your card.

Use of the card at automated fuel dispensers may require that a minimum balance of $75 be available on the card in order to complete the transaction. Again, only the actual amount spent will ultimately be deducted from the card.

Can I use the Student Prepaid card to make a purchase
that is larger than the balance on the card?

Yes, subject to the ability of the merchant, simply pay a portion of the purchase with the available balance on your prepaid card then request to pay the balance of the purchase with cash, check, or a credit/debit card.

Can I reload the Student Prepaid Card?

Yes. To reload using the funding account registered during enrollment, cardholders can visit the website, call the number listed on the back of their card, or visit your local branch. The value being added to your card will be charged to your funding source.

Why might my initial load or reload be declined?

Possible reasons your initial load or reload might be declined are: the name/address on file with the debit/credit card issuer does not match the primary cardholder profile on the Visa Prepaid Card website, the debit/credit card expiration date or 3 digit code listed on the website is incorrect, or the load limit or other applicable limits have been exceeded. First, verify your funding source information and the total number of reloads performed to date. If this does not resolve the issue, call the toll free number on the back of your card to discuss other limits that may have been exceeded.

Can the card ever have a negative balance?

Any authorization request that is greater than the card’s available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a Visa merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If an overdraft occurs, the cardholder will be required to either reload funds onto the card or make a payment to Cardholder Services to cover the negative amount.

How do I find an ATM when I travel – especially overseas?

Visit the ATM locator or at for participating Visa ATMs both domestic and abroad.

What is the exchange rate when I get to another country?

The exchange rate is determined by the rate of exchange on the date of purchase. Using your Prepaid Card at an ATM can be less expensive than using a currency exchange to get foreign currency.

What happens if my Student Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?

We provide 24-hour toll-free support. Immediately report any problems or a lost or stolen card by calling (866) 901-8090.

A replacement card can be issued and any available balance transferred to a new card, less applicable fees that will be deducted from the card’s available balance. Replacement cards are generally received in 7-10 business days. Emergency card replacement can also be requested with guaranteed delivery within the next business day, or sooner in some cases. See the Terms & Conditions for fees that apply to lost or stolen cards and emergency card replacement. As long as the lost or stolen card is reported immediately, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized merchant charges.