Life Happens Certificate


You are in control of your money!

Do you have money to invest, but afraid you might need it when life takes an unexpected turn? Our Life Happens Certificate may be the right investment product for you.  Earn a high rate of 1.25% APY for 3 years with the option to access up to 25% of your balance each year penalty free! Checking with direct deposit and a minimum deposit of $1,000 is required.


*APY­-Annual Percentage Yield based on checking with direct deposit. *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) current as of January 2, 2015; subject to change. Minimum $1,000 balance. No penalty for withdrawals one time per year up to 25% of the balance. Penalty for early withdrawals more than once a year or greater than 25% will equal 365 days dividends. Not available on IRAs. This product is a single maturity account and will not renew automatically. Contact Altra for details.