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First Time Homebuyers’ Certificate

Opening the door to your first home.

This certificate is designed to help you save up for the down payment on your first home. You can add money to this certificate at anytime. 

First Time Homebuyers' Certificate Rates

Rates effective September 1, 2021; subject to change.

First Time Homebuyers' Certificate 3.00% APY for 25 months up to $25,000*

Minimum Balance Dividend Rate APY*
$1,000 – $25,000  2.97  3.00
$25,000 & over  0.45  0.45

First Time Homebuyers’ Certificate Terms & Conditions (PDF)

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield based on having a checking account with direct deposit. Balances over $25,000 will be at the 24-month certificate rate, See Certificate rates. The member may renew the certificate at the same rate and terms one time, will not renew automatically. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal of certificate, unless mortgage is with Altra. $1,000 to open certificate, Member may add funds at any time. Only available where Altra does mortgages. One account per member is available if you are at least 21 years of age and are not currently a homeowner or have previously been a homeowner.

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