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Scott Fischer

Scott Fischer
Scott Fischer
About Scott
NMLS #818014
526 Orrin St.
Winona, MN

Scott started originating mortgage loans in 2011. Before this he had 10 years of experience as a general contractor for Winona Homes, a modular/manufactured home builder. Scott recently took a couple years off to explore other opportunities, but realized helping people with their financial needs, especially home buying, was where he wanted to be.

Scott lives in Winona and grew up in Lewiston. He served 6 years in the military and attended business classes while in college. Scott is very active in the community and the local YMCA. He enjoys spending time with his grandsons along with fishing, running, and an occasional triathlon.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Scott put the buyer first. He helped understand the process and would walk you through what you didn't understand. Scott was a very effective communicator and made sure you were aware of everything going on. He helped secure a low rate and initiated the process for the process which saved a lot of money in the long run. He had my best interest.

~Joe C.

“Upon moving back to the Winona, MN area, Scott helped us refinance to a lower rate. No hassles, no surprises, full disclosure, respect for his client…and humor! Wha?? Scott also has a knack for understanding the myriad of needs a person may have to deal with during the refinancing process. Absolutely a plus. Altra will do well to have him on board and use his talent to its fullest!"


I began working with Scott a few months before the actual application - this meant several emails & calls for advice on some things before doing the application. Once I did the application the process was EXTREMELY well-executed - from application to appraisal to the closing, I can’t stress how fast, thorough and efficient, and the attention to detail Scott gave. I cannot believe how FAST I was able to close. STRONGLY recommend SCOTT!

~Greg R.