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IRA Savings

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement

Open an IRA Savings Account

Open an IRA Savings Account to accumulate retirement funds. This account allows you to make regular or one-time deposits throughout the year, up to your annual contribution limit. This account is generally used to accumulate enough funds to open an IRA Certificate or other IRA investment.

An IRA Savings Account cannot be opened online. Please call 800-755-0055 or visit your nearest branch to open this account.

IRA Savings Account Rates

Rates effective September 1, 2021; subject to change.

Minimum Balance Dividend Rate APY*
None 0.50 0.50

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change.

Your Money is Safe & Sound with Altra

Altra is a strong financial institution with $1.7 billion in assets and over 11% capital, far above the regulatory requirements. We have been serving members for almost 90 years. For additional information please see our 2019 annual report.

Your accounts with Altra are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA. You may qualify for more than $250,000 in coverage if you own share accounts in different ownership categories. The most common ownership categories for individuals and families are single owner accounts, joint accounts, retirement accounts, beneficiaries, and trust accounts. Refer to the link below for an estimate of your insurance coverage.

Traditional & Roth IRAs

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