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Credit Cards

Altra Visa® Credit Cards

Go (Traditional Rewards)

Contactless, just Tap & Go to pay! Get cash back or use your points towards Merchandise, Gift Cards, Airline Tickets, Hotels, Car Rentals and Cruises.

Visa Signature

Contactless, just Tap & Go to pay! Expanded Rewards Program that offers travel rewards sooner and a Cash-Back Rewards option plus a host of additional Visa Signature Services.

Now (Non-rewards)

Contactless, just Tap & Go to pay! A low rate card to make everyday purchases or start your credit history.

Credit Card Balance Transfer

Altra Visa Credit Cards are Loaded with Advantages

CURewards/CURewards Mall/CU Deals/Visa Discounts

With the FREE CU Rewards Mall program, you can earn extra CURewards Mall point’s in-store or online with your Altra Visa Rewards credit card.  Every month CU Deals brings you exclusive offers only available to rewards members.  Make the most of everyday purchases with coupons and discounts through Visa Merchant Discounts.  Redeem reward points for merchandise, gift certificates, cash back, car rentals, hotel stays, roundtrip airfare and more.


Earn double CURewards points during the first 90 days of opening your credit card account. New Cardholders are eligible for any promotional rate in effect at the time the card is opened.

Travel Notice

Don’t be stranded! 
Going across the country or around the world? Before you leave home, click on “Travel Notification” on the Online Services menu in Online Banking to submit travel plans to be added to your Altra Credit and/or Debit Card. This minimizes the chance of cards being declined. Enter the last 4 digits of your cards, travel dates and destinations, and the best way to contact you. 

You can also call Altra’s Member Contact Center at 800-755-0055 or visit your local branch to speak to a member service specialist so we can add a note on your account. Whichever method you choose, please allow one business day to have your cards updated with your plans.