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Design Your Own Card FAQs

Caution to anyone whose card will expire within 60 days. If you create a DYOC it will only be good for that time period.  The reissued plastic will go out with your old image since it was already on the reissue list when you created your DYOC.  The cardholder will pay another $10 to create the design again.

What is the Fee?



How often can I create a new design?

Each account is allowed one time every 30 days


If I create a design will other cardholders receive the same card design?



How will I know if my image has been approved?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation


If the primary cardholder submitted a design am I allowed to submit one?

Yes. You must submit your design within 48 hours of the first design, otherwise you will need to wait an additional 30 days.


Will The expiration date change?

Yes, expiration dates are extended one month.


Will the CVV or PIN change?



Why does everyone on the account receive a new card?

The expiration date changes.


Will my new design need to be activated?

Yes, all existing cards will become invalid after 30 days.


Recurring Payments

The cardholder will need to contact all merchants where they have recurring payments so their next transaction does not get denied


New Accounts

  • Sales staff use this opportunity to have the cardholder enroll for credit card eStatements
  • When creating a DYOC on a new account you must wait two business days before the number can be given to the cardholder to go out and create their design.  Failure to wait two days will result in duplicate plastics going out
  • Images can be submitted two days after the account has been created


Email notifcation does not arrive

Remind them to check thie Junk/Spam E-amil folder.  the approval notification may have been blocked.


Address changes

The cardholder will not be able to create a DYOC online for 30 days after any address change