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CU Rewards Mall

Get to the point with your shopping!

With the new, FREE “CURewards Mall” program, you can earn extra CURewards Mall points on your Altra Visa® credit card by shopping at your favorite brand-name retailers within the CURewards Mall network (currently over 25,000 merchants …including 5,000 in-store retailers).

The extra points are earned when shopping in-store or online at selected local, regional and national merchants, and you can combine these points with the base points you earn when shopping at retailers not in the Mall program. Points can be redeemed for travel, sporting events & concert tickets, merchandise, activities (like spa packages and helicopter rides!), gift cards or more.

To view exclusive in-store and online offers from top retailers, earn extra points and sign up for bonus offers, visit For the newest offers, click on the “New Mall Offers” button.

And to find a retailer near you, view the list of “In-Store Mall” retailers on the CURewards website. Or you can shop directly from the CURewards website.

Participating retailers include:

New mobile app for loyalty rewards

The CURewards® Mobile App is available to download in iTunes and Google Play.

This app is free to download and provides a new channel for credit union members’ access on the go. The app will allow members to view their CURewards Mall offers based on their current location, redeem their points for merchandise, and view their total redeemable point balance.

Member Benefits

  • Allows members to redeem their CURewards points on merchandise
  • Allows members to earn additional bonus Mall points when they are on the go
  • Allows anytime anywhere access to CURewards to view points, redeem points and shop at Mall
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
  • Adds value and convenience

Please note that members who use single sign on from Access Point or any other home online banking, may have to register their account directly if they haven’t done so before. They may register on the app or they may register on the CURewards website.