CU Rewards Mall FAQ


Q. What is the CURewards Mall?
A. An enhancement to the CURewards program. CURewards Mall is a program that allows you to earn Mall points, by shopping at your favorite brand-name retailers within the CURewards Mall network. Members will be presented relevant offers, based on spending history and preferences, to earn points or discounts with merchants in Mall network.


Q. How do I earn points through the CURewards Mall?
A. Earning is easy. Every time you use your card at the participating retailers listed on the CURewards Mall website, you'll earn Mall points. Just remember to click on the links in each offer, or use your card when shopping in participating retailers' stores.


Q. When will I Receive my Mall Points?
A. Mall points can take up to 30 days to be credited to your account after the date of purchase. If you do not see the Mall points you earned within 30 days, please contact us.  Points will be stored on the CURewards Mall tab, members will not receive emails/mail from a merchant stating how many points they earned.


Q. Will I earn base points (i.e. 1 point for $1.00 spent) plus Mall points when I shop in the CURewards Mall?
A. CURewards cardholders who shop in the CURewards Mall will still earn base points awarded through the CURewards program plus bonus points from the Merchants with whom they shop.


Q. How do I Find a Participating Retailer?
A. To find a retailer where you can earn Mall points, simply view the list of "In-Store Mall" retailers or shop directly through the website at the Online Mall retailers.


Q. Do I need to do anything extra when shopping in-store?
A. Nope! Just make sure you use your credit union card when you shop and you'll automatically earn Mall points.


Q. What is the cost to participate?
A. Participating in CURewards Mall is free for CURewards members. It's just our way of saying thank you.


Q. How do members stay up to date on newly added offers?
A. Simply visit the Home Page, look for the CURewards Mall section in the far left corner and click on the "New Mall Offers" button in this section to see all the newly-added offers. While on the website you can also sign up to receive emails with special offers.


Q. What if I have other questions?
A. Contact us at 800-637-7728 or CURewards@pscufs.com


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