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Overdraft Transfer Protection

Save Money on Overdrafts

Overdraft Protection is a contractual service you set up that authorizes Altra to transfer funds to cover your checks, Debit Card purchases, ATM withdrawals, and automatic payments. Through this service, you may save money on the total fees you pay on overdrafts.

Transfers can be set up from savings, another checking account, or a line of credit. If you are a joint account holder on another Altra account, you can even set up cross-account transfers. Transfers from savings or checking are subject to a fee as stated in our current Service Charges disclosure; these transfers are also subject to Regulation D, which limits the number of automatic transfers from savings accounts to transaction accounts to a maximum of six (6) per calendar month.

There is no charge to transfer from a Line of Credit or Home Equity Line of Credit. To set up Overdraft Protection, please stop into your local office or call 800-755-0055.

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