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Altra has started the process of replacing members’ Debit Cards with new EMV Chip Debit Cards. We are doing this in waves, so if you haven’t received a new Card and your current Card is working, you don’t have to worry.


Received a new Debit Card?

It's important to activate your new card because your current Debit Card will be deactivated 30 days after the new Card is issued, even if your old Card has not reached its expiration date.

To activate and/or set your PIN number, please call 866-985-2273.


IMPORTANT: Because this new Card has a new number, you cannot select the option to Use Current PIN. You MUST choose the option for New PIN. If you wish to keep the same PIN you used on your old Card, you must enter that PIN as the new PIN on the new Card.


Current Debit Card no longer working?

We understand in our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook an email or a piece of mail. The most likely explanation for your current Card not working is you did not open the envelope with the new card or did not activate it.

Please check your mail for a new Card. If you find it, use the steps above to activate it. If you cannot find it, please call us or stop in to your nearest branch office. If your Card was returned, we can mail it to your updated address. If we don’t have it, we’ll order a replacement or print one for you in the branch.

Using your new EMV Chip Debit Card

Your new EMV Chip Debit Card will do everything your current card does, but with the protection of additional security features. The card still has a magnetic stripe, so you can use it at ATMs and merchant terminals that aren’t chip-enabled. If you need assistance activating your card, or have questions, please stop at your nearest branch or call our Member Contact Center at 800-755-0055.




Find Out More


Learn about the EMV Debit Card and it's additional benefits, watch a demo video and even get a list of locations that carry the Instant Issue EMV Debit Cards and check out the new designs.


A New Way to Pay

When it comes to enhanced security, chip-activated terminals are taking things to a whole new level.

Chip Activated Terminal               Chip Activated Terminal               Chip Activated Terminal


Easy to use

Use your personal or small business chip card to make transactions at the same places you do today. For merchants who have chip-enabled terminals, insert your card and approve your purchase. Otherwise – swipe your card as you normally would.


Added layer of security

The new chip on your card provides additional security when used at a chip-enabled terminal. Data stored on the chip is more difficult to counterfeit. No matter how you use your card, every purchase is also covered by zero liability protection.


Keeping Security Flexible


Accepted everywhere

Chip-enabled terminals are coming to stores throughout the U.S. so you'll be ready to use your card when you see the new terminals. You’ll enjoy greater acceptance when traveling as chip cards are common in over 130 countries around the world, including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. PIN is only good for cash advances, see EMV FAQ for more details.




1 Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult your issuer.

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