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Cardlock Fraud Prevention Service

Manage the security of your card!

CardLock® is a new and innovative fraud prevention service that enables cardholders to block and unblock purchase authorizations on their credit union-issued credit and debit card accounts

It is the only fraud prevention service of its kind that gives cardholders this level of control to proactively lock and unlock their accounts. It works as an additional layer of protection against fraud to supplement the fraud prevention measures already in place for the credit union.

CardLock® protects payment card accounts in the same manner that locks protect homes and cars or any other valuable assets. When you’re not using your car, you lock it. When you’re away from your home, you lock it. Now, when you’re not using your payment card, you can lock it too.

View frequently asked questions about CardLock®

For more information and to register your cards, visit www.cucardlock.com. You can also access CardLock® services using the toll-free number 877-CULOCK1.


Install CardLock® on your smartphone

CardLock® is accessible via iPhone, Android and Blackberry. To install the CardLock application on your web-enabled mobile phone, just follow these instructions:


1.  Click on the App Store icon on your iPhone. This will take you
     to the App Store

2.  Click on the Search button and enter the text “cardlock”

3.  Click on the CardLock app in the search results and then press
     the “Install” button

4.  CardLock is now ready to use


 Android 2.0 and Higher:

1.  Using your phone, open the Internet Browser and enter the following
     location: https://www.cucardlock.com/DownloadAndroid.htm

2.  Once the page has loaded on your phone, click on the “Download” button

3.  If you are prompted, then you will need to give permission to install the app
     on your phone

4.  After the download has finished the app should then be
     installed on the phone

5.  CardLock will be installed to the “Applications” section of the phone



1.  Using your phone, open the Internet Browser and enter the following

2.  Once the page has loaded on your phone, click the link for “CardLock”

3.  When the Download screen appears, select “Yes” and check the box to
     Open file after download

4.  After the installation begins select “Yes” to continue if prompted to trust
     the publisher

5.  Depending upon your specific phone the CardLock application may be
     installed in the “Applications” Folder or the “Downloads” Folder

6.  Click on the CardLock icon to launch the CardLock application


Once you have installed the CardLock application on your phone, use the same User ID and Password to access your accounts that you use on the website. If you haven’t registered already you will need to do that from the website.