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Online Banking






Anytime Deposit


Use your smart phone or tablet to deposit a check!

  • Anytime Deposit is available for members in good standing who meet credit qualifications. 
  • You must have an active Altra Checking account to enable Anytime Deposit.  If you are unsure about your standing, please contact Altra at 800-755-0055 for complete details. 
  • Both business and personal checks can be deposited. 
  • You can make an Anytime Deposit to your savings account, but you must have an active Altra Checking account to enable Anytime Deposit. 
  • You cannot make an Anytime Deposit directly to your credit card. Instead, make an Anytime Deposit to your Altra savings or checking account, then transfer your credit card payment from one of those funding accounts.

To access Anytime Deposit:

  1. Sign in to Altra Online Banking from your PC or mobile app
  2. Click the Anytime Deposit or Deposit Check button to get started 
  3. Click on the Help button for complete instructions

Operating System Requirements (not for mobile)

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows 2000. Future Microsoft OS will be supported as the OS becomes available.

Internet Brower Requirements (not for mobile)

  • We recommend Safari 5.0 and newer, IE 7.x – 8.x and Firefox 8.x – 9.x with security set to Medium-High (Accept Third-party Cookies) or (Accept from Visited).
  •  If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, right click the IE icon, select Run as Admin to use the add-on ActiveX Control to scan your check. This method is convenient but not required.
  • You can always scan your check using your own scanner's software and upload the check image in the system.

Scanner Requirements (not for mobile)

  • Any Twain Compatible Scanner except wireless scanners and duplex multi document scanner
  • Save your check image as a JPEG. (PDF is not acceptable).