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Verifast™ Palm Authentication

Altra Secure ID

Verifast™ Palm Authentication

Palm vein scanning is a highly reliable method of identification. Palm Authentication makes accessing authentication data easy and efficient, eliminating the exchange of IDs.


The Benefits of Palm Vein Verification

• Contactless
Because of its contactless feature, it is very hygienic and stress free.

• High security
Veins are hidden under the skin and detection requires blood flowing through the veins, making forgery virtually impossible.

• Easy to use
Just hold your palm over the device, it captures your vein pattern instantly. Palm vein patterns are stable throughout life and are not affected by external factors such as glasses, contact lenses, cuts/abrasions, dry skin or lotions.

• Authentication accuracy
Palm vein patterns are complex with greater than 5 million reference points providing superior accuracy.


Available at most Altra locations!