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Virtual StrongBox

You deserve the best in data security. That’s why we’ve given you an online safe.

Seriously, backing up and storing important files is important. Losing your digital files happens more frequently than you might think. One small accident or failure could destroy the important items you care about. That is why we recommend you utilize Virtual StrongBox, a tool where you can backup your most important files behind online banking.

Did you know Altra gives you 50 MB of free cloud storage with Virtual StrongBox? 
Just sign in to Online Banking and click the Virtual StrongBox tab in the header to get started.

We recommend you backup items you will always want to have access to:

  • Important photos
  • W2 and other important tax documents
  • Copy of marriage certificate, social security card & birth certificate
  • Health Documentation
  • Transcripts and important test scores
Virtual StrongBox Transcript

Welcome to my virtual strongbox a tool that allows you to protect and securely share your most sensitive digital documents online. This platform isn’t meant to store every single virtual file you have on your computer that’s what those free unsecure options are for. Virtual strongbox was created to protect documents that have sensitive information about you or your family like your social security number, birthdate or address. These documents shouldn’t be placed just anywhere because important files such as this demand total information privacy. This level of data security is the key difference between virtual strongbox and the other online offerings. While Dropbox and other tools are similar to a safe that you can buy at the store virtual strongbox is comparable to owning Fort Knox. You are the only person with the key to see the documents inside your virtual strongbox. This easy-to-use tool is the perfect place to store your most important files without the concern of someone getting their hands on your personal information. Whether it’s a copy of your birth certificate or your will, place the documents you can’t lose with a partner you trust.

How do I access Virtual StrongBox?

After signing in to online banking, click the Virtual StrongBox tab and follow the prompts. Click to view the Virtual Strong Box User Guide

What are the system requirements to use Virtual StrongBox?

We recommend that you use an up to date browser. Whichever browser you choose, you’ll need to enable JavaScript, First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies. If you do not already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will be prompted to do so before opening Virtual StrongBox.

Please note: Virtual StrongBox was not designed for use on mobile devices. It may work on some devices however, functionality may be limited.

What types of documents can I store in Virtual StrongBox?

You can store any documents that are important to you personally or professionally (i.e. marriage certificate, copy of will, homeowner’s insurance policy, vehicle insurance policy, etc.).

Are my files safe in Virtual StrongBox?

Yes, all files are protected by 256 bit encryption. The Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) specifies a Federal Information Processing Standards approved cryptographic algorithm that can be used to protect electronic data. The AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that can encrypt (encipher) and decrypt (decipher) information. For added protection, you can password protect or encrypt your document before uploading to Virtual StrongBox. To do this, please consult documentation for the software you are using.

Can I share files that I’ve stored in Virtual StrongBox?

Yes. You can set up a File Share link for one-time use or multiple-time use. Please view the Virtual Strong Box User Guide for complete details.

For added protection, you can password protect or encrypt your document before uploading to Virtual StrongBox. To do this, please consult documentation for the software you are using.

Can the content from one member’s StrongBox be transferred to another’s?

No. This function is not available.

How do I purchase more storage?

Each member can store up to 50 MB for FREE. At any time you may select Upgrade My Storage to purchase more storage space. Once the additional storage is purchased, the Usage Meter will update to display the amount and percentage used.

Storage Amounts Annual Pricing
100 MB $8.95
250 MB $14.95
500 MB $23.95
1 GB $36.95
2 GB $69.95
5 GB $110.00
10 GB $150.00

How does the charge for additional storage appear on a statement?

The merchant name will appear as MVSTRONGBOX. Unsuccessful credit/debit card transactions are communicated at the point of the transaction. You will be presented with a message informing you the transaction was not successful.

What information is required to purchase additional storage space?

You will need to know how much additional storage you wish to purchase. You will be prompted to enter Name, Address and credit/debit card details.

Once I purchase additional storage space, do I have to continue paying for it?

Yes, if you choose to keep the additional storage. One year from the date of the original purchase, you will get an in session reminder that gives the option to purchase the additional storage for another year. If you choose to reduce your storage amount. please contact Altra.

How do I deactivate or unsubscribe to Virtual StrongBox?

Once a StrongBox has been created you must contact Altra Federal Credit Union to deactivate/unsubscribe from it.

Who do I contact if I need help with Virtual StrongBox?

Please contact our Member Contact Center at 800-755-0055.

Virtual StrongBox Transcript

Welcome to the My Virtual StrongBox tour. This is a simple introduction to the interface and features of My Virtual StrongBox. When you log in you’ll find the dashboard which shows a high level overview of the files you’ve placed behind the security of My Virtual StrongBox. This view of your online safe deposit box will show you how much storage space you have remaining, your largest files in your StrongBox, as well as the number of files you’ve shared either with a family member, friend, or directly with your financial institution. My Virtual StrongBox features five folders as the main directory to organize your files, documents, finance, legal, other, or photos. From here you can organize your documents in whatever way that makes sense to you by clicking the new folder tab. Start filling your StrongBox by clicking add file. Easily upload a file by dragging and dropping the icon of a folder off of your desktop or by clicking this icon, manually browsing for the file then clicking choose. Once the file is in your StrongBox you can click the file options menu to delete the file, download the file to another device, rename or move the file to another folder or sub-folder in your StrongBox. Share files securely with a family member, friend, or trusted advisor by pressing the share button. This feature allows you to create a link granting access to the file, which you can send to those you trust via email. After naming the file you can apply different layers of security to ensure the file only lands in the right hands. You can allow the file to be downloaded once or multiple times, set an expiration date on when the link will expire, as well as set a private pin code that must be shared with the recipient to gain access to the document. Then create the link and copy it on to your clipboard to paste it into an email. If you’ve emailed the file to the wrong person you can cancel the shared link at any time by clicking the delete button. Share files directly with your financial institution by clicking the file exchange button in the file options menu. Simply name the file then press done. Now your financial institution has access to that file. You can see the exchange was successful when the green bubble appears. To see the files shared with your financial institution click the file exchange button on the top of the page. Here you can see the files that your financial institution has shared with you. By clicking the files options menu, you can easily download a copy of the file. By clicking to provider, you can see every file you’ve ever shared with your financial institution. Remember, only you can see inside your Virtual StrongBox. Your financial institution can only see files you’ve shared with them through the file exchange feature. If you’ve accidentally shared the wrong file, simply click the file options menu then click delete access. Once you’ve clicked delete your financial institution will no longer be able to download the file you shared with them. The storage progress bar indicator displays the percentage of storage used for your Virtual StrongBox account. You can upgrade the storage quota by clicking the gear icon or by clicking the user menu and clicking upgrade storage. This is also where you can find additional resources if you need a little help navigating My Virtual StrongBox.