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Easter Egg Hunt

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunts are coming up soon! Check the calendar to find one in your area!

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Track your 


Bracket selection is closed and the games have begun. Track your Bracket (try the "Boss" Button!) for a chance to win $10K and other prizes.

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Altra's Home Equity Line of Credit is a great way to finance home improvements and education costs.


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Apple Pay

is here!

When you combine Apple Pay™ with your Altra Visa Card, you have access to a new level of security and convenience.

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Easy Preapproval and Loan Closing as well as Local Expertise and Servicing. Check out our upcoming Home Buying After Hours events.

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Why Altra? 

Why Choose Altra?

Whether you're opening a checking or savings account, buying a home, starting a business, or saving for retirement, Altra has all the products and services you need to help meet your goals for today and the future. Watch Video


Onalaska Branch Renovation
Begins April 1st
We’re always helping members finance their renovation projects. This time, we’re doing some renovation of our own. Learn More.




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Traveling Internationally?
Many merchants no longer accept the traditional mag strip credit and debit cards - an International Chip card is now required to make purchases. Altra has them!
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Apple Pay is here
A new way to pay with security features including showing a substitute account number rather than your real account number to merchants. Get set up today! 

Anytime Deposit
Deposit checks with your smart phone or tablet. Learn more.

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