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Mainstream Boutique

Kimberly’s Business Banking Experience with Altra

“I’m a small business owner. I’m not Altra’s biggest account, but they make me feel like I am.”

Kimberly Bentzen-Tabbert
Owner of Mainstream Boutique

Mainstream Boutique Success Story Transcript

Hi I’m Kimberly Bentzen-Tabbert, I’m the owner of Mainstream Boutique in Onalaska. We are a women’s clothing and accessories store and we also have some gift items. Working with Altra has been a fabulous experience. I got started with Altra when I decided to open our business. It was a dream of mine to have something of my own and I decided since I had such a good experience personally with Altra that I would call and see if I could have someone help me get started with our business. Altra is excellent because their member services are wonderful, I’ve even had personal experience were a man has come right to my home to deliver what I needed or to have me sign something so that we could make a deadline. Working with Jason has been a wonderful experience for me. He’s genuine, he’s been on the level with me on everything, very open and honest. He understands what I need and has been able to provide everything for me that I've needed in a timely fashion. I’m a small business owner, I’m not Altra’s biggest account but they make me feel like I am.