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Verification of Account

How to submit your Verification of Account

Before proceeding with your Verification of Account (VOA) request, please review the following information to ensure your request is processed correctly in a timely manner.

If you are using your own secure email service, please direct your request to the appropriate email address listed below or submit your PDF form using Altra’s Secure Email feature.

All requests must provide a document to complete that has not been altered, without the use of whiteout and a signed authorization form by the member or signer, dated within 1 year of the request date.​ To avoid delay in receiving your completed VOA, please submit your request once. Altra’s service standard is to respond between 3-5 days. If you have not received a response after 5 days, you can contact our Member Contact Specialists

Please provide the appropriate information for the associated verification:
  Consumer Loan Personal Deposit Mortgage Business Deposit/Loan Credit Cards Multiple Accts.
(Loan & Deposit)
Member Full Name X X X   X X
Social Security Number (SSN) X X X   X X
Signed Authorization X X X X X X
10-digit Account Number X X X   X X
Return email address X X X X X X
Contact Phone Number X X X X X X
Full Business Name       X    
Tax ID Number       X    
Secure Email

Email your VOA to the appropriate Altra email address: