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Contests & Sweepstakes

Backpack A Day Giveaway

August 23- Sept. 19

Open a new Youth Account with a $10 deposit and we'll match your $10! Plus each day, a backpack will be given away to a random winner. Every backpack will have a prize inside! Learn more.

Credit Union Magic Minute 

Magic Minute Sweepstakes

August 3-Oct. 25, 2015

Register at CURewards.com then use your Altra credit or debit card at least three times per week for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Chicago and a 60-second shopping spree in a CURewards® warehouse filled with merchandise. Learn more at CUMagicMinute.com.

Swipe & Win

Congratulations to all the Swipe & Win WINNERS!!

WINNER of the $1,000 GRAND PRIZE: Timothy Saterbak

Winners of the $20:

Ahna Mitley
Alex Hinton
Alex Speer
Andrew McGinnis
Anita Osgood
Arthur Nardini
Bailey Omara
Benjamin Lyle
Bethany Haller
Bradley Bogie
Christina Tennyson
Corey Freeman
Craig Turner
Diana Zibrowski
Dwayne Street
Jakob Ferris

James Gerke
Jamie Nichols
Jane Gulbranson
Jared Steigerwald
Jeffrey Johnson
Jodi Hoepfner
Jonathan Hansen
Joseph Kessler
Karina Puent
Karissa Keenlance
Karla Woody
Kimberly Doolittle
Lori Mikl
Lyndsey Bratberg
M Ladsten-Krogstad
Michelle Olson
Nichole Perso
Nicole Lawrence
Pelagie Snesrud
Rebecca Darst
Richard Holland
Robert Kneifl
Robin Speller
Ryan Vue
Samantha Hoff
Scott Mayer
Stacy Hall
Tabitha Ortiz
Theresa Lowdermilk
Thompson Biggar
Wayne Nolte

Back to Campus

Congratulations to the Back to Campus $500 Gift Card WINNERS!!

Katie Gilbert, who will be using a $500 Best Buy gift card to help cover the cost of the computer and software.

Kelsey Lugin, who will be using a $500 Amazon gift card to pay for books and school supplies. 

Sam Fischer, who will be using a $500 Target gift card to purchase 520 packs of ramen.

M3 Money Club Punch Card Program

M3 Membership

Monthly Winner

Join the M3 Money Club and have your M3 Punch Card punched each time you make a $5.00 deposit into your Youth Savings account. After five punches, you’ll receive a prize and be entered to win a monthly Grand Prize!*


January 2015 - Lorraine, Clarksville, TN office
February 2015 - Jayden, Pueblo, CO office
March 2015 - Jacob, Onalaska, WI office
April 2015 - Sasha , Losey La Crosse, WI office
May 2015 - Lorraine , Clarksville, TN office
June 2015 - Ryan, Winona, MN office
July 2015 - Samuel, La Crosse, WI (Losey) office