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Since 1984, the La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers Program has been fighting crime. It encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear and apathy.

The program averages 50 tips per month which are passed along to law enforcement to act on those tips. Just in the past year, the tips have led to over 12 unique arrests and removed several thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs off the streets.

“As a non-profit organization made up of a volunteer board of directors, we work closely with law enforcement but are not affiliated nor do we get funding from the law enforcement,” said Dan Schwaab, President of the La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers. “We are able to pay rewards on tips that lead to arrests solely through donations from the community.”

If you see a crime, you can anonymously report it using the telephone hotline, submitting it on the Crime Stopper website or by using the P3 app, which allows anonymous two-way dialogue.

Crime did not take time off during the pandemic; however, fundraising events for the program had to be put on hold. Altra will be partnering with La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers on Thursday, April 22 for a drive-thru shred event. The event is free, open to the public and Board members from Crime Stoppers will be on hand to assist taking shred items from your car.

Donations to La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers will be accepted onsite as well as through the NetGiver app, which allows credit union members to give 100 percent of their donation without fees. “Know that your funds will be put to good use. We will use donations to pay tipsters who report real crimes that lead to real arrests,” said Schwaab. “It makes the community we live in safer and allows our families and businesses to prosper.” Complete details about the shred event can be found on Altra’s website.

To support La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers, download the NetGiver app and donate today! Learn more about Crime Stoppers by visiting their website. Visit Altra’s website to learn more about the NetGiver app and to register your nonprofit.

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