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Jack Peplinski

Jack Peplinski
Jack Peplinski

Jack is one of the few Bears fans at the credit union and doesn’t go a day during football season without a good jabbing by one of his co-workers.

Jack’s passion for Altra began in 1985 when he served on the Board of Directors for five years as Treasurer. He then joined Altra in 1990 and was named President/CEO in December 2011. During his tenure at Altra, he has managed all areas of operations, including branch operations, credit services, and consumer, business and mortgage lending. Prior to Altra, Jack worked 16 years for The Trane Company in accounting and data processing.

Jack earned a BA in Accounting from Winona State University and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). In an economy and political climate that offers both unique opportunities and challenges, Jack believes actively promoting and modeling the cooperative principles benefits both the customer and the business. He is a board member of the Wisconsin Credit Union League and advocates that a strong, active League can be one of the most important resources available for credit unions of all sizes.

Jack serves on the Western Technical College Finance Department Advisory Board. He recently was the Chairman of the Board for the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce. Under his leadership, the chamber went through a revitalization by expanding its product offerings and moving into a new facility.

In his free time, Jack loves to travel, golf, turkey hunt and grow things on his farm in Arcadia, WI where he grew up. He and his wife Barb, have six children and six grandchildren.